Future of healthcare not 'exciting'

September 6, 2013

Regarding Dennis Forney's "Healthcare questions pushing Beebe and the nation" Jeffrey Fried of Beebe Medical Center says "It  really is an exciting time to be in healthcare."

Are you kidding, Mr. Fried? Let's look at some interesting situations right here in Sussex County that we are facing.

First of all, there could be a waiting time of approximately 12 months to have surgery for some procedures. I'm not complaining; Sussex County is lucky to have some of these physicians. Other physicians have gone "concierge" service - releasing a lot of patients into the system if one choses not to be part of this service. It's called "overload of patients."

Add to this the problem of the number of M.D.s in Lewes that are Board Certified in internal medicine. You can count them on one hand. Our dermatology situation has gotten much better with another Board Certified dermatologist coming to town. When I got an appointment I felt very lucky and to make it better the physician was capable and wonderful. The schedule for this physician probably filled up in a week. This is very scary and downright worrisome.

To add to the problems, 3D mammography is available - and Beebe does not have it. One must travel up north to get this modality. Nor does Beebe have the software for MRI of the breasts. Again, north or over the bridge. In defense of this, all procedures get coded and DRG's (diagnoses related groups) play a major part in reimbursement. It's complicated and will get worse.

This is not exciting unless your definition is a lot different than most people.

It is a dog eat dog medical world out there! Not exciting at all. One matter where you are 100 percent correct - everyone better be prepared to be their own advocate.

Carol Anderson

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