Don't lower speed limits on Route 1

September 13, 2013

After reading the article "Cyclists: Separate bikes, cars" in the Friday, Sept. 6 issue, I'm having trouble with the gall of Mike Tyler who would like the state to "change the classification" of Route 1 from 'Rural Highway' to 'Urban Thoughofare' so the state can lower the speed limit?

Route 1 is the road everyone has to use - tourists, business people, delivery trucks, emergency personnel. Of the thousands of vehicle that use Route 1 every day, what percentage are bicyclists? 1 percent? Less than 1 percent?

Why should the state let bicyclists hold the greater public hostage with a lower speed limit to appease them? Gasoline taxes pay for road maintenance and upkeep; bicycles don't use gasoline, so it's not their road.

I am all for adding crosswalks and pedestrian signals at intersections and anything else than can make Route 1 safer without inconveniencing the majority of drivers. Lowering the speed limit would be a major inconvenience to everyone who uses Route 1.

John J. Meng III
Rehoboth Beach

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