Delaware REC first in the nation to achieve Health Information Technology goals

Quality Insights of Delaware – Regional Extension Center assists more than 1,000 physicians
September 22, 2013

Quality Insights of Delaware - Regional Extension Center is the first Health Information Technology center out of 62 centers nationwide to reach its goal of helping 1,000 Delaware primary-care providers achieve Stage 1 Meaningful Use of their electronic health record systems.

Meaningful use is the term used to describe the federal government’s multistage standards for using certified electronic health record technology to improve the quality, safety and efficiency of healthcare. Providers who meet Stage 1 standards have demonstrated the ability to securely capture and share clinical data.

To help providers implement EHRs and achieve each stage of meaningful use, the federal government allocated funding to establish extension centers throughout the United States. QIDE REC began offering Delaware physicians technical assistance, guidance and information on best practices in 2010. Its efforts are overseen by the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT, whose leadership acknowledged this significant milestone

“The Delaware state motto of ‘the First State’ is fitting also for the Delaware REC, which is the first state to reach their goal of bringing primary care providers, often in small and underserved practices, to meaningful use,” said Kimberly Lynch, ONC’s Regional Extension Center programs director.

Almost 150,000 healthcare professionals nationwide and more than 1,000 throughout Delaware are leveraging the power of EHRs to transform how they care for patients. These clinicians are working to achieve the meaningful use standards designed to improve the quality and efficiency of care.

With EHRs, members of the care team can access medical records and coordinate care. They can also track patient conditions and make necessary adjustments quickly and efficiently. Until recently, the use of health IT in physician offices was sporadic and rarely connected to others on the health care team; be it hospitals, labs or rehab facilities.

“Meaningful use accomplishes two objectives,” said Beth Schindele, QIDE REC director. “It assures relevant, beneficial utilization of the technology and it creates a critical mass of providers with the capability of collaborating for true health improvement.”

Quality Insights of Delaware REC is part of the WVMI & Quality Insights family of companies, which also provides REC services to physicians in Pennsylvania and West Virginia and serves as a Medicare Quality Improvement Organization in Delaware, Pennsylvania and West Virginia. CEO John Wiesendanger applauded Delaware providers and the REC staff for the meaningful use accomplishment.

Providers seeking more information about implementing an EHR system and achieving meaningful use are encouraged to contact QIDE REC at 1-866-475-9669, ext. 4010 or go to