Sussex needs certified land-use planner

September 20, 2013

In Betty Deacon's letter of Sept 6, I and many on the eastern side of Sussex County agree with her words. We are stuck; it doesn't matter how many letters or editorials are written emphasizing the danger of uncontrolled growth in eastern Sussex, this county council is hell bent on continuing to take us down a road of no return.

In the Sept 3 issue of the Gazette, Chris Schell comments, "We're running out of lots to develop," so, the simplistic development model of plopping down cookie cutter houses on a greenfield site is coming to an end; all the more reason the county needs sophisticated certified planners to deal with the more complex redevlopment of exisiting neighborhoods that are now coming down the pike. Developers are sucking the air out of eastern communities and with the acquiescence of state and county officials. It's disappointing, even sad, not to hear our local elected officials speaking up in support of what they hear from their constituents and relaying those issues to our state and county officials.

The three deaf ears that sit on the county council seemed determind to make all of eastern Sussex County the nightmare they have created on Route 1 between Lewes and Rehoboth.

They are determind to follow the same failed script; no land use planner for Sussex County. With all the recent stories of Route 1 fatalities and injuries, what has not been said is this: almost all counties hire certified land-use planners for a reason, the public safety mandate they feel to avoid the preventable tragedies that Sussex County is oblivious to (a certified planner would have had the experience and professional foresight to identify the several options - outlet type retail on one side of the street, not both, or pocket development with pedestrian crossings at quarter mile intervals, etc).

When are we going to be able to face the elephant in the room, that the Sussex County Council's ignorance is depressing property values, business investment, jobs and causing human fatalities!

Nadine Wick

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