Boog Powell, dried dirt, polished sink, wild clematis

So here I am a couple of weeks ago with former Oriole power-slugger Boog Powell at his BBQ joint inside Camden Yards.  Boog greets lots of his customers, signing autographs, smiling, posing for pictures and dwarfing just about everyone who comes near.  When I shook his hand my hand disappeared.  "Hey Boog, give it back!" I don't think he even needed a glove at first base and if he did, Rawlings probably needed the entire leather from a big bull to make it. His head is twice the size of mine and you know I'm an animal.  You realized that when you watched me pedal across the the country several times this summer.  Or was it just once? That sun was kind of hot. At any rate, Boog's big and friendly and a fixture at Camden Yards. BY MIKE COAKLEY OR JOHNNY SPRY
September 25, 2013

WEDNESDAY, SEPT. 25 - LATE AFTERNOON - September's almost over, the autumnal equinox just passed, and here are a few items I've been meaning to post before the month's out. Dang, I better hurry.

Most of what I have to say is under the photos.

And how about this September weather.  Pretty special huh?