Cape Gazette letters off the mark

October 4, 2013

I always like to get the Cape Gazette. For a town this small we sure have excellent coverage. However, two letters in the Oct. 1 issue got up my nose.

The first from Eva Cieniewicz was off the mark. She made several statements that offended me.

She castigated our current president and his policies, but I see she made no mention of how the Bush administration launched us into two costly wars that have drained our treasury. I have to agree that the Afghanistan war was just as America had been attacked on its own shores. The second, Iraq, was over weapons of mass destruction. OK, have we ever found these weapons? That war devastated our treasury. I want to note that the Clinton era ended with a budget surplus.

The next part about Mr. Flood not giving "fair" information is bogus. Mr. Flood "calls em as he sees em." Is it his fault that the Republicans are the culprits this time? To be fair no one should vote a straight ticket just because they are registered with one party. They should consider each candidate and vote for the person who they think will serve the people the best.

As for Mr. Smink's letter I can agree that there are faults in the Affordable Care Act, but didn't Social Security and Medicare have bugs in them? They require constant updates as times and situations change. Mr. Smink seems to think that the Republicans are being fair in offering to pass the budget minus funding for the Affordable Health Care Act. Why have they wasted so much taxpayer money and time trying to repeal this bill? They sound like spoiled brats to me.

Growing up in the 1950's the candidates didn't wage such mean-spirited campaigns. There was a word they played to - compromise. They had their idea of the whole shebang but they got it in increments and not all at once. The Republicans have a take no prisoners attitude and will not compromise. My way or the highway seems to be there strategy.

What would be great is if we could sue these Tea Party obstructionists/ deconstructionists and throw the bums out. They are not Americans I identify with. I have read that Republicans are mainly angry old white men. Their rule shall end soon and a new generation of level heads will replace them.

Scott Aijo

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