Theater of the absurd in Congress

October 8, 2013

In response to Don Flood's article Oct. 1, I find it highly disconcerting that the Cape Gazette continues to print propagandist information without including alternative viewpoints for your readers or make an effort to get the facts.

First, we are a Republic form of government not a democracy as Mr. Flood states. We elect representatives to Congress which vote on our behalf. True democracy would require each voter to weigh in on each piece of legislation, bill, appropriation, etc. This would require all voters to be highly educated and well versed on a plethora of issues both foreign and domestic.

Obviously, this would be unworkable in a country as large as the U.S. Moreover, a dearth of an informed and involved general public makes it easy for people like Mr. Flood to use Machiavellian tactics to advance a destructive agenda under the guise of “the people have spoken," especially when a majority of media venues espouse the same “group think” mentality.

For example, Mr Flood asserts the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) was passed by Congress in 2010 and found constitutional by the Supreme Court in 2012. What he fails to disclose is how it was passed and exactly what the Supreme Court ruled on. Obamacare was pushed through Congress when the Democrats had full control of the House, Senate and executive branch. Some Democrats did not favor the act and sweetheart deals were exacted to garner their vote. Many didn't even read the law!

Now that more of the ACA's provisions and costs are becoming known, a majority of Americans don't like or want it as written. The Republicans are taking a stand to repeal or alter the ACA on behalf of the majority. This is the democratic process at work. I ask Mr. Flood, is the Obama administration's obstinate position, refusal to negotiate and its myopic concern for its own self interests a true belief in democracy? I think not.

Concerning the Supreme Courts ruling, the court's opinion was narrow and focused on whether the individual mandate was a tax or fine. They ruled it a tax hence, permitted under the commerce clause of our constitution. They did not offer an opinion on the law in total.

Moving to the government shutdown, Mr. Flood asserts it will have widespread effects and could lead to a U.S. default. Moreover, he places the blame on the Republicans. Once again, he fails to mention that multiple proposals were submitted by Republicans to the Democratic Senate to fund all aspects of government except Obamacare, but were rejected. Since it takes two to argue and the Senate chose to reject House proposals, a reasonable person would conclude that the Senate is responsible for the shutdown or at least complicit. Additionally, he fails to mention many provisions of the law have been postponed or altered by Obama to satisfy his constituency. The Republicans are just following suit.

Concerning a U.S. default, this is such a remote possibility that it is a sensationalism at its worst to even mention it. Americans need to know that a default occurs if the government fails to pay interest on its debt. Since the government receives approximately 72 percent or more of its revenue by tax receipts, there is enough money coming in to satisfy interest payments along with a majority of other obligations regardless of whether an agreement is reached by congress in the near term. The president decides how to spend funds available and has taken the tact to inflict pain on the average American.

There are other misrepresentations that one can only conclude that Mr. Flood and others are deliberately misleading hard working Americans to advance the “nanny state” Democrats are so fond of. Media complicity makes it easier.

Remember, “ A government large enough to provide everything is powerful enough to take everything away. Wise up America!

Mario Roca
Rehoboth Beach

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