Restless retirees are ready for more action

October 13, 2013

October is brimming with activities for all restless retirees!

This past weekend I enjoyed the miniature art show at Rehoboth Art League, the sidewalk sale in downtown Rehoboth and attended my first ever Coast Day at the U of D.

I saw 2-week-old horseshoe crabs under the microscope and learned about sand sharks. This weekend brings a host of some fun indoor events: The Rehoboth Christmas Shop and a Taste of Art, both of which benefit local charities. Bring on the rain!

We tried to enjoy the sunshine at our son’s wedding in Asheville, N.C. two weekends ago, but alas the rain came down in long sheets like tinsel on the mountain top as we scrambled to move the ceremony to the farm porch. I wore a pink poncho over my pink dress and carried my heels through the mud, but it was all beautiful.

Life doesn’t get any sweeter when the boy you raised asks you to dance to the song he chose, Kenny Rogers’ “Through the years.”

The lyrics made everyone puddle up, especially all my friends and relatives who supported us all of us through the years. Now both of my children are happily married and my hubby and I are loosening our grip on a past life, holding tighter to one another and hoping to hell that someday we will have grandchildren.

One reader wrote to me last July about how annoying grandparents can be. “Since I don’t have any grandchildren, I would love it if I could enjoy a lunch or dinner with friends having interesting conversations instead of having to sit through a whole meal hearing all about their little grands.” I have experienced this too, but since my friends are deliriously happy I listen and take notes and marvel at how people react to this event.

My close friends Bud and Tina who hate cold weather moved to Boston so they could babysit their grandchildren two days a week.

But last week I overheard a woman say “We live just far away enough that they can’t ask us to babysit every weekend!”

I enjoyed learning in Dennis Forney’s column that our Sussex County may have had a record-breaking corn crop. Thank you to the region’s farmers and workers for all the bountiful produce we enjoyed all summer.

And speaking of record breaking, spiders and their webs are everywhere.

When I look out my kitchen window there is a line of silk so thick it looks like a tightrope for circus cicadas.

It has been there for two weeks and stretches to the top of the oak tree.

The other day when I came out of church there was a web from my car door handle to the car next to mine. How can they spin such a huge array of webs in such record time? These are retired spiders.

They have newfound freedom and eight legs that require movement. Instead of playing solitaire or volunteering at Beebe, they spin their boredom into works of art. They should have their own exhibit at the Rehoboth Art League. Delaware could be famous for its arachnids instead of chickens or beer.

Hey Sam there’s an idea - Dogfish Wicked Web Ale. Alas, I received no mail from my readers, but I still have faith in you. Spin a tale or tell me the truth - how is your retirement life spent lately?

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