We must overcome aberrations imposed upon our nation

October 11, 2013

The three principal socio-economic and political influences in America:

The first group comprises the vast section of the U.S. population, often described as Middle-America, which includes approximately 50 percent of the population. This motivated cohort is eager to advance through gainful employment, entrepreneurial spirit and upward mobility inspired by a Judeo-Christian base. They are people who work toward a better life for themselves and their children. Now they find themselves increasingly frustrated with our failing educational system, high taxes, unemployment, degradation of religion and an aggressive national push toward a Progressive state. These Americans are generally ignored by the major media.

Our second major group consists of the ultra-educated academics, high government officials and well-connected wealthy elites. They do not form a true meritocracy but hold the power. Although they make up about 10 per cent of the population, they possess the bulk of the wealth and operating income in the U.S. This elite group controls the money and power base of both political parties; it funds candidates and PACs and buys political influence. They are motivated primarily by money and ideology.

The third cohort consists of about 40 percent of the population that is under-educated, unassimilated and unemployed; they are people imbedded in a variety of “social” programs that sap initiative. The products of broken families, unmitigated poverty of purpose and spirit endemic to a flawed system of public assistance that are prey to those who exploit vice. They are essentially imprisoned by the elites who use this control for their political purposes. This represents a despicable loss of human potential and a tragic furure for this population

In a socialist/progressive state, the opposition of Judeo-Christian morality is attempted by way of ideological persecution and culling the non-productive population (the unborn, the poor and the elderly) by use of abortion, restricting medical options to the elderly, perpetuation of drug and human trafficking, homosexuality and tolerance of the life-threatening vices of idleness and its predation.

The above will appear cruel and Machiavellian to those who profess Judeo-Christian beliefs. To the progressive statists, who recycled fascist ideology, it’s a practical and efficient system of controlling population. The debilitating regulatory expansion, defining the Statist rule, creates an antagonistic society and a coercive business environment, curbing private growth and causing endemic unemployment.

Pending honest elections in 2014, we shouldn’t expect changes unless We the People stand up, turn out and vote to overcome the aberrations imposed upon our nation.

Miguel Pirez-Fabar

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