Restauranteur & Philanthropist Matt Haley to sleep outside for homeless youth

- Private group -
October 15, 2013

Chef/ restauranteur/ global philanthropist Matt Haley will be slleeping out on November 21 so that homeless youth don't have to. The sleep out is part of a national push by the Covenant House in which regional & national executives to sleep outside to raise money & awareness for homeless youths.

"It will be dark. It will be tough.", said Haley. "But for one night, I can give up the comforts of home knowing it can bring warmth and hope to young people who need it most."

Haley added that he is doing this "to show our commitment to stand by our belief system at any cost, whether it be in the streets of D.C., or the slums of Nepal, India or Nicaragua. The importance of a direct understanding of what you support, an understanding of what it means to be fed and have a roof over your head, to experience this first hand is critical. Why wouldn't we do this for homeless youth. To be an example is the greatest gift we can give."

Each year in 21 cities across North America, Covenant House cares for over 50,000 at-risk and homeless kids in their journey from the street to safety, and ultimately, to independence.

To assist Haley in his fundraising efforts, please visit his sleep out page by clicking here.