Epworth Skate Park worth community support

October 19, 2013

Our community is very close to being able to have a public skate park in Rehoboth at Epworth Church. Now there can be a public area designed for skateboarders that is easily accessible to the Lewes-Rehoboth area. Here’s an activity that a lot of young people love, involves outdoor physical exercise, is challenging, builds community, and will be free to use.

The land for the park was made available by Epworth UMC. Of the project’s building cost (approximately $50,000), over two-thirds has already been raised thanks to donations from families and local businesses!

I ask those reading this, to consider donating to help the project reach its goal. As most people can probably understand, the fundraising relies on the support of more than just the families of the young people who will use the skate park. The skate park really would serve the wider community - from visiting relatives and tourists who skate, to relieving the burden on businesses and people that have worried about skateboarders on their property.

Eve Aldred

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