Kudos to Don Flood for insightful columns

October 18, 2013

This is a belated kudo to the op-ed insightfulness of Don Flood, exemplified by his piece in Tuesday's paper, which was chock-full of well reasoned, thoughtful arguments, succinctly stated. I've been contemplating complimenting the Cape Gazette and Flood for some time and this latest effort sat me down to do it.

I must observe, though, that there is a factual error in Tuesday's piece that, when corrected, makes Flood's point about the relentless and unending Republican obstruction of all things Obama all the more forceful: Mitch McConnell made his statement defining his Number One mission as seeing to it that Obama is a one-term president, immediately after the president's inauguration in 2009, not after the mid-term elections in 2010.

I was shocked to hear a senator, the chief Republican in the Senate, express such a nasty, negative and, dare I say, unAmerican view of a newly-installed president and, what's more egregrious, of the presidency itself. And it's not an exagerration to say that he and his cohort in both houses have only escalated their efforts since.

It is amazing to me that Obama has been able to accomplish all that he has, given the extent of the blind, knee-jerk opposition to his every move, often to ideas first expressed on their side of the room.

But, I digress. Again, my congratulations to Don Flood and the Cape Gazette on an increasingly forceful and always refreshing series of columns.

Don Matzkin

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