A Little Staging goes a long way

October 28, 2013

Staging is all the rage on the HGTV Self-Help shows, but many people still think they can sell a home "as is". When the housing market was so hot that almost any house would sell without a lot of effort, staging was a hard sell. But those days are gone and it’s time to realize that your home has to compete with the best model homes in every new home community.

Sometimes all you need is a fresh pair of eyes to make your home look fabulous. You could ask a friend to help you, especially someone whose home everyone raves about. Take the same approach getting your home ready to sell that you would take preparing to attend a special function. First you might go through your closet and pull out a favorite outfit. Then you might get it cleaned and finally you might buy some new accessories to dress it up and make it feel brand new.

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