Another entrance needed on Warrington Road

October 29, 2013

I live in the Arnell Creek subdivision and I have lived on Old Landing Road since 1985. As everyone living on this road knows full well we don't need another subdivision here. Traffic at the four-way stop sign is bad all the time. Just the other day a tractor trailer and a SUV shut the intersection down. What if someone needs an ambulance or fire trucks to get through with no other access to our end of Old Landing Road.

It's bad enough that the zoning board and the council want to give Lingo whatever they want, but what about the several thousand people that already live on this road? If this is approved then the county should also require a second entrance off Warrington Road with access tthru the subdivision to Old Landing Road.

Arnell Creek connected our subdivision with the next one when it was built. Lingo should also have to pay for a traffic light at Warrington and Old Landing Road and get rid of the four-way stop signs (which most people ignore when turning right onto Warrington Road from Old Landing anyway). It's time for the Sussex Planning and Zoning Commission and Sussex County Council to leave us some open space.

Mark D. Joiner
Rehoboth Beach

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