Bands are a great part of Friday night football

October 29, 2013
The Sussex Tech band is awesome and entertaining. BY DAVE FREDERICK

It’s all good! The Sussex Tech band is awesome. Don’t get me wrong; I’m not following them to any Christmas parades - I’m not that guy - but Friday night at the football game I felt its energy and really enjoyed the halftime show. So did the Cape students, because I saw it in their faces. The night was not a battle of the bands - just two different bands. Cape’s smaller ensemble under director Chris Burkhart has won over Cape fans like Juan Saez, who said, “They are nice. I like what they play. I was getting tired of 'Flight of the Bumblebee.'"

Unsung and unheralded - Sometimes, too many times, I hear from parents about how some unsung team or unheralded players deserve recognition because they work so hard. I was an offensive lineman, played at Temple, and never once thought, “Why doesn’t someone pay attention to me? I work so hard; harder than that 4.3 wide out who catches all those touchdowns.” The Cape football team moved the ball Friday night, and I watched the offensive line to see if any of them are as good as I thought I was. Brent Reed, Tyre Maull, Nick Figun, Charles Elgin, Devin Miller and Thomas Ott are doing such a great job that I rarely hear offensive coordinator Herky Billings get in their grill. Mostly he is encouraging the backs to find where the holes are. The offensive linemen clear the road to glory but rarely get any themselves.

No juice - I have less juice than a garage sale blender but I do have a column religiously read by most of my relatives who don’t hate me and a few friends who tolerate me. Bruce Hefke once called me “the journalist Chia Pet of the upwardly mobile." I understand my Pickle Ball peeps, spearheaded by retired Cape Superintendent Jim Wilson, are asking the City of Lewes to include lines for pickle ball in their upcoming resurfacing of the town’s tennis courts. I think that’s a great idea, because have you ever watched seniors play tennis? Pickle ball is a better option, and no, I don’t want to play that or Old Tymers softball, but I am thinking of entering an air ball tournament.

World Series - “Walk off by obstruction” game goes to the Cardinals followed by a game-ending “pick off of a pinch runner”; that game goes to the Red Sox. It is either great baseball or awful, but it is entertaining in an aggravating way for half the fans. I like the Red Sox and the Boston Strong angle; there is nothing about St. Louis and the gateway to the west that I can relate to anyway. And how good was Rascal Flatts doing the national anthem? The best three-part harmony since Crosby, Stills and Nash.

Untold stories - On Sunday, Poppa Fredman was at Temple’s Geasey Field watching the Philly 5 women’s lacrosse tournament because granddaughter Anna is a Temple freshman. What else am I going to do, watch the Eagles? I came armed with stories of how I practiced football on that same field 50 years earlier but I decided not to be the annoying “here come the Fredman stories” guy. Division I lacrosse ain’t no joke, but if you want jokes I have hundreds.

Snippets - The Cape soccer team won at Smyrna Oct. 24, breaking open a 1-0 halftime advantage and winning 5-0. The Vikings had five different goal scorers including Bill Swontek, Max Euler, Drew Mulcahy, Elliot Young and Mason Jones. Cape, 13-1, plays at Indian River at 7 p.m., Tuesday, Oct. 29. The soccer field is behind the old high school and it’s senior night (they have 12), but they do have a great concession stand.

Cape’s volleyball team lost at St. Thomas More 3-0 to close out the season 11-4. It looks like they will make the state tournament, but will draw one of the top dogs in the opening round.

Delaware field hockey won at Northeastern 3-0 Sunday. Jacki Coveleski and Rebecca Pepper are on the Delaware team while Caroline Judge and Kaci Coveleski play for Northeastern.

Cape is having a presentation Nov. 21 for students in grades eight through 12 and their parents on how to prepare to be a student athlete at various levels of college sports. Check out the school website for further information.  Here’s my response from the admissions office at Yale. “Ha! Go on now, git!”