LHS continues native American tradition

Chief Daisey to present history of the Nanticokes Nov. 15
November 11, 2013
Nanticoke Association Chief William Daisey.  He will address the Lewes Historical Society Friday, Nov. 15. BY RON MACARTHUR

Tradition. It’s a word that drives many cultures, many people. For many years the Lewes Historical Society has observed November, national Native American month with a presentation about the “People.”

The Friday, Nov. 15 program of the Lewes Historical Society will touch on many traditions of the Nanticoke People when Chief William Daisey presents “The History of the Nanticoke Association” beginning at 7:30 p.m. at Lewes Presbyterian Church Fellowship Hall on Kings Highway.

Daisey, who was elected to head the Nanticoke Indian Association in June of 2013, has long been involved with community and Indian affairs. Raised on a farm near the Indian Mission Church, he spent some 20 years in education as a math teacher and later assistant principal.

“I grew up in Sussex County and was raised in the Nanticoke tradition by my family, and I always shared the heritage of the tribe with my family and associates.” He will discuss the many tribal traditions of the Nanticoke people and he said he plans to recruit other members of the People to support his presentation to explain customs of dance, tribal dress and the significance of the annual Nanticoke Pow-wow held in September. According to the chief, “Many people look at our regalia and think ‘costume.’ Our tribal wear reflects tradition and also may have origins in things handed down from generations before us. Native Americans don’t wear costumes. Our regalia has deep and traditional meaning for the Nanticokes and all Native Americans.”

The Lewes Historical Society is proud of its association with the Nanticokes. The tradition of sharing their history and traditions of American Indian culture at the society’s November programs began nearly 15 years ago. Their previous Historical Society participation and traditional performances have been met with enthusiasm by both tribal members and their audiences. The public is cordially invited to attend. Light refreshments will be served following the presentation.

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