Anona Council 11 appoints new officers

November 19, 2013

The Great Council of Delaware Degree of Pocahontas 16th Great Council Session was held Oct. 25 and 26 at the Red Men's Fraternal Home in Nassau. During the session, the Anona Council 11 members elected and appointed new officers for 2014.

Shown are in back (l-r) lay member Cindy Hedrick; Sitting Pocahontas Trudy Kruger; Great Second Warrior Agnes Murphy; Great Guard of the Forest Debbie Hearn; Margo Truax, Judiciary Committee; and Great Keeper of Wampum Jo Ann Kruger. In front are Deputy Great Pocahontas of Kent and Sussex Counties Pat Rust, Great Minnehaha Becky Breasure, Great Pocahontas Ruth Topper, Great Prophetess Mary Ellen Grinolds, and Journal Clerk Anita Wright.