First Thanksgiving In Your New Home? Southern Delaware Chefs Share Thanksgiving Recipes

November 17, 2013

What if you could serve a culinary buffet with dishes from the area’s top chefs, how great would that be?

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Well, be thankful that you can, thanks to these popular area chefs who supplied “Locals Now!” with some of their favorite holiday recipes that will bring a local twist to your table this Thanksgiving Day. So go ahead, serve up this chef-inspired Southern Delaware Thanksgiving Menu courtesy of these superior chefs including Richard Nofi at Bethany Blues, Rebecca Williams from the Buttery, Gary Papp of the Essential Chef, Debbie Viscovie at Food by Design, Gretchen Hanson at Hobo’s, Ginger Brenneman at MIXX, Scott Viselli from Matt Haley’s Papa Grandes and Ted Deptula at Nage Restaurant/Root Gourmet.

Don’t worry, if you don’t cook, are not a home cook or the next wannabe Food Network Star, our area offers many splendid restaurants ready to indulge your Thanksgiving Feasting. Click Here to READ & DOWNLOAD the Recipe File.