Milton Little League Announces 2013 - 2014 Board and Seeks Community Support!

November 14, 2013

Milton Little League announces 2013-2014 Board Members and Seeks Community Support!

Milton Little League Members have selected the following community members to serve; Derek Clifton (President), Trey Isaacs (Vice President), Zach Crouch (Player’s Agent), Rusty Rauch (Vice President of Baseball), Jen Jarrell (Secretary), Susan Isaacs and Kathy Newcomb (Treasurers), Scot Husbands (Fundraising and Information Officer), Steve Marsh and Uhland Johnson (Grounds), Stephanie Coulbourne and Karen Webb (Concessions), Darrell Clifton (Safety), Billy Coulbourne (Equipment) and Rich Carey (Chief Umpire).

The objective of Milton Little League shall be to implant firmly in the children of the community the ideas of good sportsmanship, honesty, loyalty, courage and respect for authority so that they may be well adjusted, stronger and happier children and will grow to be good, decent, healthy and trustworthy citizens.

The 15 appointed Board Members have agreed to lead the effort of the leagues volunteers, coaches, umpires and community members to achieve this objective. To be successful in their endeavor community support and assistance is imperative. If you have a skillset and/or interest in volunteering with the league please contact Help is needed in the following areas: website upgrades and streamlined communications, grounds improvements, fundraising, concession stand support and umpiring. Business or individual sponsorships are also welcomed.

Signs up to play baseball and softball in the 2014 season will occur in late January with the tryouts in February. School flyers, newspaper ads and will have all the leagues important dates posted after the first of the year.

Shown in Photo:

Derek Clifton, Kathy Newcomb, Jen Jarrell, Stephanie Coulbourne, Karen Webb, Rich Carey, Susan Isaacs, Trey Isaacs, Rusty Rauch, Steve Marsh, Billy Coulbourne, Darrell Clifton and Zach Crouch.