First State Force Band rocks out at Rehoboth Elementary

School house, not jailhouse, rocks for these students.
First State Force Band performs at Rehoboth Elementary to conclude spirit week for kindergarten through fifth-grade students. BY MOLLY MACMILLAN
December 12, 2013

The First State Force Band recently performed for students at Rehoboth Elementary School as part of an anti-bullying campaign and a special treat for spirit week.

Principal Trish Mumford said the assemblies were a great way to wrap up spirit week for students from kindergarten through fifth grade and promote the school's mission of respect, responsibility, excellence and safety.

Force bandmembers work in law enforcement as police, corrections or probation officers across the state.

A guitarist revealed he worked a night shift in Newark until 6 a.m. the night before these performances, then drove down to Rehoboth that morning to perform.

Mumford said students really enjoyed the band, whose last visit to Rehoboth Elementary was five years ago.

"The kids really buy into it because it's contemporary music," she said.