'Doodle and Color Lewes' offers kids opportunity to record memories, use imagination

Book now on sale at Lewes locations
November 28, 2013

Three friends have collaborated to produce a fun, yet educational book for children and adults to stimulate discussions about their experiences and memories of Lewes. Bob Gibson had the original idea of creating a coloring book about Lewes to share with his grandchildren. He approached artist Barbara Petterson about illustrating the book.

Though she had never illustrated such a book, she thought children and adults would prefer representational drawings as opposed to cartoon renderings. She drew pen and ink sketches of buildings and sea creatures she thought would be both intriguing and educational. Penny Deiner was the last member to join the team. She too wanted the book to be educational as well as a place to share memories and the love of art.

Things were progressing well until the summer. The drawings had been agreed upon and most of the stories had been written. When Penny’s children and grandchildren visited, she showed the book to them. After turning several pages, one grandchild’s response was, “The art is great, but it is not a coloring book.” There was a pause. Then Penny asked, “What is it?” The second grandchild replied, “It is a doodle book.” Doodling doesn’t require art skills, but it does require imagination. Hence, the book became "Doodle and Color Lewes."

All of the pictures have stories designed to make them more intriguing for children as well as informative for adults, such as the major role played by Fort Miles in World War II. It also provides a great way to relive summer vacations and for grandparents to connect with their children about what they did and what they would like to do on a return visit.

In the book's pages, children are invited to doodle themselves in various historical Lewes settings or playing with their friends on Lewes Beach. When adults read them the stories at the end of the book, they can become part of Lewes history. They can draw themselves looking at the Cape Henlopen Fire Control tower or as soldiers collecting cannon balls in the1812 Memorial Park. They can also recall personal memories like eating ice cream at the Dairy Queen, King’s and 2 Dips.

The dedication says it all: "This book is dedicated to our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren and all those who share our love of Lewes." This book can be purchased at Biblion, Deanna’s, Kids’ Ketch, The Lewes Historical Society Visitors Center, Sand N Stones, Two Friends or by emailing