Japanese architecture and glowing ginko trees

Contractor Philip Bradley is finishing up this Japanese-style house in North Shores.  The breakaway walls at the ground level are stained bamboo.  The house and property, according to a streetside sign, go by the name Kitsu.
November 20, 2013

SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 17 - A warm day in mid-November. A fine bicycle ride down the Junction and Breakwater Trail to Rehoboth Beach and Gordons Pond.  I wanted to see what kind of progress is being made on the new linking trail between Gordons Pond and Herring Point. For me the trails never grow old.  How can they?  The weather changes and the seasons too.  On Sunday morning, fog and sunlight mixed for beautiful scenes. Fields and woods, boardwalk and lakes, gazebos and fall foliage.  And next spring, the connecting trail will be complete.

From my house on School Lane in Lewes - I also ride on School Lane in Rehoboth before crossing the Silver Lake footbridge - the round trip to Gordons Pond and back was just shy of 23 miles.  Two hours and high on endorphins when I put my bicycle back in the pasture.

Jennifer told me about a house featuring Japanese architecture nearing completion in North Shores so I checked that out on the way too.

Lots of people out enjoying the day.  Here are some photos. There's always something going on.