CHEER offers respite services by qualified home health aides

Program offered at no cost to caregiver or eligible client
November 25, 2013

CHEER, in partnership with the Division of Services for the Aging and Adults with Physical Disabilities, provides respite service for caregivers who reside in the same home as the person they care for.

The respite program is designed to provide the caregiver with brief periods of relief from caregiver duties. CHEER performs an initial nursing assessment of the prospective client and can then put a qualified home health aide in the client's home on a regular basis to enable the caregiver to leave the home for a few hours, knowing their loved one is safe with a licensed professional caring for them. Service is available a couple times a week or weekly as needed.

At CHEER, home health aides can provide personal care and grooming services while the primary caregiver gets a break. CHEER is able to identify and certify people to participate in this program as long as they meet the DSAAPD guidelines.

There is enough state funding in this program to allow CHEER to take on a number of new respite clients at no cost to the client or caregiver, although donations are accepted to help support the program. For those CHEER identifies as eligible for the respite program, service may be provided free of charge.

CHEER is actively seeking new clients. Contact Home Services coordinators Barbara Grogan or Sarah Dutton at 302-854-9500.