Superintendent George Stone still in Hockeyland USA

Lakeland wins fifth straight New York state title
November 22, 2013

Stoneman -  Now living and working in New York, former Cape superintendent George Stone became a friend of mine while he was at Cape to the point that when I saw some people in Wawa, they would ask me, “How’s your boy Stone?” I got the same treatment when Butch Archer was on the Cape school board, “I see your boy Butch lost the election.” And Kevin Carson, a career great guy, was extremely nice to me in helping get Tom Hickman quickly inducted into the Legends Stadium Ring of Honor. “I see your boy Carson has already moved on.” What I don’t see is the "Just Say No” crowd that worked to scuttle the building referendum, then the second turf field initiative. Anyway, Lakeland High School won the New York state field hockey title Nov. 17 for the fifth straight year, beating Brighton 7-0. A police escort brought the team from the Yorktown border to the high school where fans waited for them. George Stone is the superintendent of schools in Lakeland School District, and before Cape, Stone was at Delmar. The circle of hockey life completes itself. I think Cape hockey should schedule Lakeland in a home and home series; let's go see what’s up. And let's buy Fred Harvey his own Coach bus. “Is that what the kids call you, Fred?” “They call me Mister Harvey!” ("In the Heat of the Night" reference)

Pack attack - The American sports and political nation is filled with point guard pundits who lead counterassaults against public persons who say stupid things, which is a First Amendment right. I live on the edge like crust on a pizza, and my position has always been, “I stand behind nothing I write but stand in front." I refuse to turn tail and run, because that’s when the ankle-nippers who wouldn’t know a joke from a slingshot give chase. I will say that if I write something I think is funny and a specific person is offended, I will apologize, but I’m not going to confession to ask for absolution.

Undertrained and overfed - I always admired in-season high school and college wrestlers who dropped down a couple weight classes to fighting weight and stayed there all season. These were lean and mean-looking, on-the-edge guys, strong guys who were not to be trifled with. The rules today have kids certifying at a weight before the competition season, and after that they can’t go lower. But staying on weight for a teenager with no observable body fat is tough, so don’t ask him at Thanksgiving, “You like mashed or scalloped potatoes or how about some oyster stuffing and what time does the gravy boat sail?"

Smart mouth - One thing an athlete doesn’t get to do is wear a school uniform on game day but otherwise walk around school with a smart mouth disrespecting adults or other students. I don’t like most academic eligibility rules for athletes if the athlete is sincerely trying to do his or her best in the classroom, but snap at a staff member on second offense - just take off the uniform.

Snippets - The Eastern Shore lacrosse girls are in Florida this weekend for a tournament, and next weekend many Delaware Shore field hockey girls will be at the International Polo Club in Palm Beach for the National Hockey Festival. How about 196 teams Under-16 and Under-19 competing in 28 pools? I know Cape Crusaders commissioner of basketball Tom Pederson just read “International Polo Club” and is picking himself up off the floor.

How about Alex Rodriguez calling the hearings on his forthcoming suspension a sham and a kangaroo court? And the funny thing about it is, he is right. There is little burden of proof in baseball versus A-Rod, and George Zimmerman, that armed muffin man with the congealed weapon (old cream doughnut),  received more due process than Alex.

Cutting kids from school sports teams seems heartless, but keeping too many is pointless. Grand Mom Rose: “Try joining a choir when you can’t sing or the math team when you can’t add or the chefs club when you can’t cook and see how quickly you are dropped like a hot plate at a homeless shelter.” “Not funny, Grand Mom.” “Sure, if you say so.” Go on now, git!

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