Briggs King touts recent Taiwan trip as cultural, economic exchange

Rep. Ruth Briggs King, R-Georgetown meets with Vice President of Taiwan Den-Yih Wu during her recent cultural and economic exchange trip to Taiwan, which was sponsored by the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in the United States earlier this month. SOURCE SUBMITTED
November 29, 2013

Rep. Ruth Briggs King, R-Georgetown, is touting her recent cultural and economic exchange trip to Taiwan as a great opportunity for building upon an already very strong working relationship between Taiwan and the First State.

Briggs King was part of an economic and cultural exchange mission earlier this month that was sponsored and paid for by the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in the United States as a way for political and business leaders in Delaware to spend time discussing with Taiwanese public officials the benefits of maintaining an effective economic relationship between the state and country.

As part of the cultural mission, Briggs King had the opportunity to meet with officials from Taiwan’s Ministries of Education, Economic Affairs, and Health and Welfare.  She said she was able to communicate with leaders about the value of fostering an already strong market for exporting Delaware commodities to Taiwan.

During one of her meetings involving the vice president of Taiwan and minister of economic affairs, Briggs King highlighted Delaware’s thriving poultry and agriculture industries, as well as promoted Delaware’s latest entry into the energy market with fuel cell manufacturer, Bloom Energy.

She said, “While there, I promoted Bloom Energy since the Taiwanese region is in need of additional energy sources.  I also promoted our poultry industry by way of explaining the importance of the grain market, which is apparently Taiwan’s largest import [which includes corn and beans].  Taiwan is not currently importing Delaware grain products.  Proudly, I can say that we keep much of our grain in the local market in order to supply our chicken farmers here.”

According to U.S.-Taiwan CONNECT, Taiwan's Ministry of Economic Affairs' data source, Delaware's exports to Taiwan reached $96.5 million in 2012. It also states that Taiwan is Delaware's 13th largest export market in the world and the 5th largest export market in the world.

Briggs King also said, “I am grateful to participate in this exchange of cultural and economic ideas and I am looking forward to the positive outcome this will have on Delaware’s already very stable exporting market with Taiwan.”