Gobble til you Wobble!!!!

- Private group -
November 28, 2013

Hey gang, we here at the Purple Parrot Grill, want to say, we are thankful for all of you. You make it worthwhile for us to come in everyday and do what we love to do for a living. If it was not for our Parrot family and friends we would not enjoy the wonderful life we have today, and for that, we, especially me, are truly thankful.  So, if you are not able to enjoy Thanksgiving with your traditional family during this holiday, come join our dysfunctional one here at the Parrot. We promise you will have a great time, amazing food made with love and of course the best drinks at the best prices in town.

Besides our regular menu, we are serving a traditional thanksgiving dinner with all the fixins for only $16.75. It's not a buffet, but it is all you can eat. Just ask for more... Turkey, stuffin, mash taters, mac n cheese, corn, string bean casserole, yams, cranberry sauce and fresh rolls along with your choice of pecan, pumpkin or sweet potato pie.
We love all of you and wish you nothing but the best on this amazing day.
Hugh, Troy, Mom, Pops, Jamie, Brent and the rest of the Parrot Family.....
Hope to see you here... if not today, this weekend.