Rehoboth needs to enact smoking ban

December 5, 2013

Concerning the smoking ban - it is already a passed ordinance, I believe, in our surrounding areas, including Dewey Beach, to prohibit smoking on beaches and boardwalks. I realize many people still smoke. I just want to point out that those areas are public and this is definitely  a health issue.

Many people are seriously allergic to cigarette smoke and small children's lungs can be damaged by it. Sitting on the beach in such close proximity as is necessary in this day and time, the smoke is easily inhaled by whomever is sitting or lying under the next umbrella.

My best friend died with lung cancer - a wife, mother and loyal friend. She had the regard and courtesy not to smoke in my presence as I was frequently having attacks of allergies. When she had an operation for this, it was too late. They sent her home. She went to bed, took not one drop of water, no pain pill and not a bite of food. Nothing. It took about six days.  The last day as I left her room, she said, "I love you, Ann." And I replied, I love you, too, Delight." And she was,

Never a day seems to go by that I don't remember or am reminded of her. That is why I ask that you sign the petition to prevent smoking on Rehoboth Beach and  Boardwalk.. See my neighbor at 210 Philadelphia Street. His name is Steve. I have many friends who smoke and they are all special, but this is a health issue and I am asking all to look into your hearts and make our beach as natural environment as possible.

Ann L. Dyer
Rehoboth Beach

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