Cartoon on Milton solar panels stunk

December 19, 2013

Wow, wow, wow, Cape Gazette, and double WOW WBOC; you all are pretty quick to blacken Milton's eye, although in fairness to WBOC, it was fairly even reporting.  Not so with the Gazette's stinko cartoon, although cartoons rarely tell the whole story, eh?

Here's one Milton neighbor's reaction: "So let me get this straight; if I finish off my basement and build out a full bathroom as well, all after getting a Milton building permit to do so, the value of my house doesn't go up.  Neither is my house assessed at a higher value, nor does the Town of Milton get increased property taxes on my improved residence.  And when I put solar panels on my house and even if I lease them - ever try removing solar panels from a roof? - the value of my house will not go up, nor will I owe more in property taxes even though Milton's current charter allows for this tax increase."

Like the homeowner in the TV story - solar panel folk will save big dollars and only a part of that savings goes to the town.  The tax amount is based on square footage and power generated by the panels as I understand it.  Regardless, solar panels are an improvement to one's property and even when leased.  Seems fair enough as taxes and the world goes.  We all love being "green" and especially when resulting in cash savings however, who doesn't hate taxes?

Now wonderful Town of Milton and to all its residents, let's welcome solar panel folks to either challenge their assessment increase (an available option) or better yet, see if by referendum, we townspeople can decide whether adding solar panels to one's home is a taxable improvement.  It's a better course than having the media blacken our collective eye or for that matter, practicing jiu jitsu on one another.

Do you see, everyone, it isn't really that difficult living in the best little town in the universe?  And as always, mayor and council, thanks for your level headedness and double thanks for not blaming past administrations for the challenges facing Milton today.  And, oh, could you believe the turnout for Milton's annual Holly Festival and Christmas House Tour?  Let's hear it, gang -- "Way to go, Milton!"

Jeff Dailey


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