People of Milton deserve the truth

December 20, 2013

None of the three council members cited “parking” as reason they voted to purchase 112 Federal St. Invest in downtown, annex Town Hall, rent to the chamber or rent to the arts guild were the reasons. “We can’t afford it and it will just eliminate roughly a quarter to a third of whatever cushion we have,” were reasons not to purchase the property for Councilman Cote, as stated at the November council meeting minutes.

All of a sudden parking is first and foremost for Councilman Collier.

Mayor Jones now states “Erroneously, it’s been noted that we bought a house." That’s not what she cited in November.

Councilman Cote now says the town can afford the property. The word afford has many meanings. Just because one has the money for something it doesn’t mean they can “afford” it. I’d like to remind council that water department money cannot be used for this purpose and there isn’t enough in transfer taxes for this purchase.

Vice Mayor Booros said the home can sit vacant for the time being. Might I remind him of the “vacant building” ordinance town is trying to pass.

Council had an out during the December vote knowing the house couldn’t be razed, but voted to purchase it anyway. Why?

Lack of transparency is one thing, but blatantly lying to the town’s people is another. What is the truth; why did you purchase this property?

I ask that the town release the minutes of the executive session where 112 Federal St. was discussed. The people of Milton deserve the truth.

Cliff Newlands

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