These are the smiles of happy clients stretching on a brand new Power Plate Pro7 at Fun Fit Vibe…2 machines allows double the times available for clients - call to enjoy at 302-249-8000.

- Private group -
December 22, 2013

Yes this is Back to the Future for Fun Fit Vibe now offering twice the times available to clients…but still on a first come first serve basis. For example our Monday, Wednesday & Fridays at 8:30 have been booked for over a year - but now we can 2. We offered this availability prior to opening our new Millville location but since then it has been one right after another. But the future is bright with new stretch, balance, core, strength & massage benefits available double time now.


Get in & meet with Greg for a one on one demonstration & see how Fun outwitting our aging brains & bodies can be.

We say YES WE CAN…and go right after your goals & targets…accelerating the results with the cutting edge of health & wellness technology the Power Plate Pro 7 available right here at 1604 Savannah Road…between Walgreens & CVS. As my clients like to say" either take care of yourself or you will wind up at the drug & sugar sellers on either side of us".

Gp for the gusto in life & let our machine move your body & brain until you can!!!


Thanks for considering a healthier YOU.

Call Greg for a free demonstration at 302-249-8000