"If I would do this for my children, why wouldn't I do this for MYSELF?" Flo. It is OK to invest in YOURSELF!!!

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December 26, 2013

We love this quote from a client who is smart. Not just book smart but street smart in that she understands her brain can only go where her body takes her.

Today, as much as any other time, Survival of the Fittest is alive and well. Especially as we are blessed to live longer and longer lives the medical field seems satisfied to keep us "comfortable". Run from anybody who says we will help you be more comfortable.

The number one indicator of longevity is lean muscle mass. Not your IQ or your ability to solve complex mathematical equations in your head.

But it truly is an indicator of intelligence when one takes care of their body. Common sense is very uncommon when it comes to staying strong well past 100. Yes studies from Power Plate, show people 106 years old building lean muscle mass. That's new cells! New cells equals new life…or getting your life back, as you get stronger.

Make it a point today to call Greg at 302-249-8000 to discuss your most important investment - your strength. Our Fun Fit Vibe protocols are customized to accelerate your results & afford you the opportunity for a long health span.

Hospitals and Nursing Homes can really extend your life span…but as my Dad directed me "don't put me in there, there are things worse than death"!

It really comes down to, do you want to live healthy & strong? We accomplish that every day!!

Don't spend another dime until you have considered investing in your body. Your spouse or partner will thank you. Your children will thank you. Your grand children will thank you. Your great grand children will thank you. Your pet will thank you…no doubt a pet cannot care for themselves with out you being strong.

All the people in your insurance company will thank you - because there is no free health care - we all pay for it in increased premiums.

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