We just can't ignore the truth like McDonald's & take down our McResource website "also reportedly discouraged workers from eating fast food".

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December 29, 2013

This article from this weekends USA Today Money section front page 12-27-13 page B1, nails the putting our heads in the sand with regard to truth of "Food is the first Medicine". Or the first poison that kills us.

If our own resource website is telling us to stay away from high calorie, high fat, low nutrition foods…maybe we ought to listen.

Really the one that pays the bill is the one that will listen. And with the reality of - we all pay our own health care bills - it is a great benefit to us all. The healthier we are the less my costs are, the less my insurance premiums are, the less the premiums are for my plan members and the less our costs are as a society.

With regard to health care, the time is now to "ask not what my country can do for me, but what can I do for my country".

As a sign said at the restaurant I was watching a bowl game at "great beer, great responsibility"…our on health care is our responsibility & starts with exercise & eating right.

The best exercise is the one that becomes a part of your on going lifestyle. There is no quick fix - consistency wins.

Thats what we do every day - help clients rock a healthy lifestyle.

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