"Trying to figure out the obesity crisis" - this weekends "Your Say" section of USA Today 12-27-13 Weekend Edition

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December 30, 2013

For all the banter this picture pretty well nails it. The question is... will we do something about it?

I strongly believe that as costs are right sized & placed on the people who choose to live in the highest risk categories will pay the most. Then any investment they make in themselves to get out of the high risk & high cost is worth it.

Almost every doctor visit & health care TV show directly requires more exercise & a better diet. This is a new phenomena. As another cartoon I have seen recently espouses - a small wiry guy running with arms & legs flailing - pan back & see why he is running - due to a dinosaur chasing him with the caption. "Exercise, some motivation required".

That same concept is true today - it is survival of the fittest. All our genes are to survive…we cannot survive obese.

The USA Today article that nails it with "Obesity is more about lifestyle choices than genetics." "People making poor choices and eating high calorie foods with little nutritional value is what contributes to obesity. Blaming it on genes is a cop-out"

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