New Year’s Day baby Avary Miller plunges on sixth birthday

January 3, 2014
John David Miller and daughter Avary. She was born on New Year's Day six years ago at two minutes past midnight. This New Year's Day, she plunged with her dad. BY DAVE FREDERICK

Baby new year - Avary Miller was born on New Year’s Day six years ago and has been in perpetual motion ever since.  She went into the ocean Jan. 1 with her dad, John David Miller, and her grandmother, Connie Miller, also plunged.  Avary was carried into the ocean by her dad and got dunked and doused and seemed to be all about it.

Up in smoke - Dale Johnson from Rising Sun, Md. made his 21st road trip to Lewes on New Year's Day to jump with the Lewes Polar Bears. “I gave up smoking 21 years ago today, celebrated it by jumping into the ocean, and so every year I come back to renew my commitment to health. My son was born 21 years ago, and I decided I needed to kick the habit for him." Dale brought his buddy Glenn Gerson, who plunged for the first time.  By the way, grown men have buddies; it's just how we roll.

Sea cow - I took a photo of some burly tattooed guy coming out of the frigid Atlantic on New Year's Day and wrote a Facebook caption: “It's your ocean; we’re just playing in it.” Dude looked like the dark side of the Breaking Bad series. But then I looked closer and exclaimed, ”Hey that’ s the Cow Guy. That’s Burli Hopkins, the Cow Guy of Route 9, the former football and lacrosse player at Cape class of 1996." Funny story, I was walking on the Boardwalk on a summer day about eight years ago when a remote-control toy car kept driving after my feet. I calmly kicked it off the Boardwalk and kept moving. I heard all this laughter and looked up and saw Burli on the porch of Wayne Baker’s rental; he was laughing hard, ”We’ve been messing with people all day; you’re the first guy to kick the car onto the beach. That’s hilarious!"

LaForce be with you - Allie LaForce was the sideline reporter for the Outback Bowl, UCLA versus Virginia Tech. She is just 24 years old, a magna cum laude graduate in broadcast journalism from Ohio University, where she also played basketball. She was also Miss Teen USA 2005.  Sure, she’s attractive; so are lots of people, but I noticed she was so natural and relaxed and really smart, and coaches freely talked to her. Her brother was on the Mount Union football team. Hey, my favorite announcer, football or basketball, is Gus Johnson, but this was the first time I watched a sideline reporter work and thought, “This woman is top of the line.”

Frigid Philly -  Phiily dogs named Deuce are now old and arthritic. I met a Christmas puppy on the beach on New Year's Day. Joey Cahill’s yellow lab named Shady McCoy was given to him by girlfriend Tiffany Seager.  The Philadelphia Eagles are as good as any team out there right now; they are three-point favorites to beat the Saints Saturday, Jan. 4.  Game time temperatures are predicted to be below freezing, so make a fire and cozy up with your favorite dog and enjoy the game. Vick jokes are out in 2014, by the way.

Snippets - Road conditions permitting, Cape wrestling is at the Delcastle Invitational Friday and Saturday, Jan. 3 and 4, while the winter track team travels to Ursinus College in Collegeville, Pa., Jan. 4 for an indoor invitational meet. Cape Region lacrosse will send three different girls' age-group teams to the Crown Center in Fruitland, Md., starting Sunday, Jan. 5, for the next six Sundays. Girls also work out at the Body Shop two to three days a week. Cape returns 14 players from last year's state championship team.

Central Florida football coach George O’Leary was fired by Notre Dame in 2001 because of a padded resume that included varsity letters he did not win at New Hampshire and a master's degree he did not earn from NYU. I like O’Leary, and what the heck, Joe Biden is vice president. Go on now, git!

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