Thanks to our readers and writers

January 2, 2014

In 2013, the Cape Gazette published more than 1,000 letters to the editor focusing on hundreds of topics. Many of them took issue with articles we had reported; many expanded on what we had reported; still others wrote to express thanks for what we had reported.

As a community newspaper, we place emphasis on letters that delve into local issues, but we also receive and occasionally publish letters from folks who want to weigh in on issues buzzing around us on the international, national and state stages.

Whether it’s a five-sentence quick hitter or a many-paragraph diatribe in need of pruning shears, we appreciate every letter we receive. Even the anonymous letters, which we don’t publish, receive serious consideration and help inform our discussions about issues facing our region.

Some of the most important letters we publish are the thank you letters expressing appreciation for everything from the return of a lost wallet and a helping hand alongside the road to the thousands of individuals and businesses who contribute, donate and volunteer for the hundreds of events and benefits that characterize Delaware’s Cape Region as much as its beaches, shopping and parks.

Our readers and writers are a caring lot who energetically exercise their First Amendment freedom of speech and help us take advantage of our First Amendment freedom of the press. We take that responsibility humbly and seriously. We want to help facilitate the progress of our greater Cape Region community by making sure as many voices as possible are heard.

So, as a new year begins, we say thanks to all who read the Cape Gazette, all who write letters and press releases to keep people informed and talking, and all who participate in making this an inclusive, caring and welcoming community.

And on that note, we welcome Sharon Lynn as the new city manager for the Nation’s Summer Capital and wish her great success as she becomes one of the newest participants in the Rehoboth Beach and Delaware Cape Region community.

  • Cape Gazette editorials are considered and written by members of the Cape Gazette editorial board which includes Dennis Forney, publisher; Trish Vernon, editor; Dave Frederick, sports editor emeritus; Laura Ritter, news editor; Jen Ellingsworth, associate editor; and Nick Roth, sports editor.