Cape High should have had pool when built

January 10, 2014

Now is not the time for a pool at Cape High.  The time for a pool was when the new school was built.  The mind is boggled by a construction budget of $74,000,000 that did not include a pool.  (And please run an article on how much was spent on overruns. Ten percent would be close to three quarters of a million dollars.)

The editor mentions that “administrative missteps” led to the proposed pool being removed from the original proposal.  When we’re talking this amount of taxpayer/public funds, I would hope that the responsible administrator was fired.  (Please include that in the article on the overruns.)  Having vented, I fully agree at this time with the construction of a CHHS pool, which would be open at reasonable times to citizens of the Cape Henlopen School District for: exercise and rehabilitation programs paid for by the participants; swimming lessons for school children; training for lifeguards; and other uses which would not interfere with the school or established citizen uses.

Tom Bodie

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