Fun Fit Vibe clients emulate Mandisa's Overcomer - song…this video will make you want to stand up & fight for your life!!!

- Private group -
January 8, 2014 Mandisa Overcomer & you will be blessed. Think about the effort it takes to stay healthy. Really it is a blessing that we can impact our own health is such great ways.

Do something & your body responds…do nothing & your body dies. That is strong but truly "a body in motion tends to stay in motion" was 100% true in Newton's day & it is still true today.

Especially critical in this day of expensive health care - there is no way to pay for any health care procedures for the majority of the population. That is just for the copay…& as costs go up & copays go up - my prediction is an ounce of prevention can keep you from going bankrupt.

Let alone the physical trauma of not being in shape - the financial will deplete much of America.

If we all want to be overcomes realize it starts with us getting active and fit…and why not do it the easiest way possible at Fun Fit Vibe.

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