Science continues to prove the importance of training! Check out today's studies - Healthy Body assures a Healthy MIND - Balance is key…very few err on the side of stronger & stronger bodies - TRY IT!!!

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January 13, 2014

"Study coauthor Sharon Tennstedt, vice president of New England Research Institutes, said results of the brain training suggest that it helped participants carry out everyday activities as if they were about 10 years younger, allowing someone at 80 to function more like a typical 70-year-old."

What would you do to have one more day of life?…how about one more day of clear thinking? Almost anything - right? Well this study shows you can pick up 10 years - WOW!

There is no reason to not make this a part of lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle that includes healthy natural exercise…which is exactly what Power Plate training at Fun Fit Vibe is - add to that the easiest way to stimulate our muscles.

The number one indicator of longevity is lean muscle mass…build it today with our one on one coaches & enjoy the extra 10 years or more you can enjoy a long health span!!!

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