Dance in the new year?

January 19, 2014

Every season when I take down the holiday decorations I feel let down. When everything is packed away and shoved into closets, the house looks sparse to me. No more sparkle. What even used to be on the mantel? I can’t remember. This year Gracie the puppy was on my heels at every move and it took a bit longer. No. Not the extension cords. Redirect. No. My feet are not toys. Redirect.

As I reflect back on the whirlwind of activity, I feel grateful for new friends and neighbors and the many connections we have made in just three and a half years of retired life in Lewes.

One surprise gift was receiving an email a few days before Christmas from one of Ray’s golfing friends, Tom, who participated in Wreaths Across America at Arlington Cemetery. Tom’s father was buried there, and when he heard my father was buried there too even though we have never met, he placed two wreaths with bright red bows on the grave and then sent me a picture. This gesture is what makes the season bright. I sent the picture to my family and they were most grateful. Now his wife Mary and I have begun correspondence by email, and I look forward to meeting them both soon.

My friend MS buys the Gazette every Friday to read my column and then texts me her thoughts. She wrote, “I wonder if it is harder for single people to enjoy retirement?” MS is very involved in volunteer activities but wonders about how singles learn to mingle with others to have fun. Any suggestions?

This does make sense to me because I enjoy the many restaurants especially off season, but I wouldn’t care to dine alone.

OK, I would care to dine alone because I need fish tacos on a regular diet and I am waiting for Bob Yesbek, our serial foodie, to arrange a throwdown.

Last month Myra wrote, “I was reading your column and thinking of the new experiences you were describing, and I think that is the key.

My husband and I follow our new favorite bands. When did we ever go out on a weekday at 8 p.m. to listen to music in a bar? We now go regularly to Irish Eyes to follow Ed Shockley.” Thanks for writing to me, Myra! Ray and I love listening to music too and have happened upon some great music at Bethany Blues! I also love to dance and am still looking for a venue to host a Charity Dance night for seniors who still want to move like juniors.

Lack of sunshine in the winter months sends a lot of retirees to warmer climates which leaves Sandra at All Saints’ Thrift Shop begging for more cashiers. Please call her at 226-3123 if you can help.

I love this gig because I get to meet so many interesting people who make me laugh. This woman places her purchases, a can opener and two pillows, on the counter and quips, “My husband says if I buy one more pillow he is going to move out of the bedroom.” Now how often do you get handed a straight line like that? I thought about asking her to reconsider her purchase, but I don’t know her husband, so I asked, “So is the can opener for his new apartment?” Luckily she laughed.