Justice requires information

January 21, 2014

"Life is precious and should not be wast­ed.” These are the words of Rochelle Moore, mother of William Hopkins, who along with his friend Clete Nelson died of multiple gunshot wounds, deaths ruled as homicides.

State police say the event is not a random act, but they decline to explain what this means, stating, “...the investigation is dynamic and ongoing. To be clear, we cannot discuss or identify the factors that have led to this initial determination so as not to compromise the integrity of the investigation.”

Are citizens to conclude that if they weren’t in the home where the victims died they are not likely targets? Should people living miles away now feel safe?

“Not random” may offer security for people who didn’t know the victims, but what about their friends and families? Should they feel safe?

A murderer remains armed and out on the street. That person will only be identified when people with information come forward.

Moore, in a Facebook comment to the Cape Gazette site, also wrote, “My son was not perfect.

"However, William’s heart was free of hate and malice. William was a caring father; he loved and was loved by his family, and as most of you already know, he was a loyal and dependable friend.”

The Cape Gazette will continue to present all the relevant information we can gather and confirm to be true. Some details are not avail­able; other information is difficult, and we acknowledge it can be hurtful, as Moore and others pointed out.

Still, we believe information empowers each of us to participate in making our community a safer, better place. This double murder can tear a community apart, but it can also bring our community together.

The Cape Gazette joins Moore in her plea: “If you have any information, no matter how big or small, that you think would lead to justice being served, please call Detective Fred Chambers at 302-388-0196 or 1-800-TIP-3333. Your call will remain anonymous.”


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