Sussex councilwoman way off base

January 31, 2014

On Jan. 20 two Sussex county council members vote for an ordinance which already existed in the Delaware state code. I attended that meeting and the county lawyer, at the request of the county council, researched if a law against excessive dog barking existed in the Delaware code. The lawyer reported that indeed an anti-noise ordinance did exist, Title 7 of the Delaware code. And the verbiage on excessive dog barking was very specific, defining excessive dog barking in terms of acceptable time limits, and those times when a dog would be expected to bark.

But George Cole and Joan Deaver chose to vote for a county ordinance anyway because, I don't know why, but they must be addicted to making laws. Why else pass a duplicate law save to provide more income to the lawyers who will have to unravel, at the expense of us citizens?

Below is Joan Deaver's response, on her home page, as to why she voted for an additional dog barking law:

Three councilmen (Wilson, Phillips and Vincent) must have voted some time, somewhere to hire the county attorney to research a state law regulating noise and have the county attorney present his findings at the council meeting. They forgot to tell me before the meeting and as usual they sprung it on me right there. Typical behavior, but not cute when you realize I represent 30,000 people. So now the three of them want to use the state law and have law enforcement officials and DNREC enforce the noise control law. I’d prefer them to fight crime. and clean up the bays. SPCA could do this so easily. We have millions; we could have afforded the $35,000. Police protection against noise will cost far more. We still are the only county to have no local law about excessive dog barking. Silly councilmen.

First, she accuses her co-council members of fooling her when she could just check the council minutes. Second, she says that the county is wealthy; $35,000 is peanuts; $35,000 is a lot of money to Deaver's constituents. She has lost track of the value of money. Coupled with this excessive law making, Sussex county is ascending to the realms of a ruling class.

The law was voted down because three county members used their common sense. George Cole is not running again, but I suggest Deaver constituents contact her at and perhaps consider not voting for a council member guilty of "excessive law making."

Because whether you are tortured by neglected dogs or not, know that a law is on the books already. Ask Deaver to use her elected influence to enforce the existing law and ask that she not make more laws to encumber us than already exist.

Patricia Fish

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