"Preventable Accidents Are The Leading Cause of Death & Disability Among Pre-Senior Dogs and Cats." Thom Somes, "The Pet Safety Guy™"

- Private group -
February 5, 2014

Learn how to handle pet emergencies and how to keep your pets safe!


Our 4 hour training class utilizes lecture, demonstration and hands on skills. Classes are kept small so individual instruction and one on one time can be given. You will receive a Pet Saver Handbook, and upon completion of the course, a certificate showing your 2 year Pet Tech certification in Pet First Aid & CPR. Once you have completed your class, you are welcome to attend additional classes for only $10 during your 2 year period to keep your skills fresh

In our Pet First Aid & CPR Class, you will learn:

- Priorities of Emergency Care
- Muzzling & proper restraining
- Primary Pet Assessment- ABC’s
- Pet CPR and Rescue Breathing
- Choking Management
- Bleeding Protocols and Bandaging
- Heat and Cold Injuries
- "Snout -To-Tail" – Injury & Wellness Assessment
- How to put together your own Pet First Aid Kit

- And Much More

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