Children's Beach House campers warm up winter with summer plans

Children's Beach House campers met recently to set up rules for summer camping.  Shown with a poster illustrating their basic plan are in back (l-r) Davia Chavis, Armando Sanchez, Nicholas Sanchez, Kiran Russ, Tiana Waterman and Matthew Jenkins. In front are Christopher Cerasari, Thomas McClain, Jason Somerset, Nikolai Ibach, Paige Williams, Samara Baynard, Keishana Baynard, Alicia Hamilton and Zykai Vester. SOURCE SUBMITTED
February 22, 2014

Even for those who enjoy the change of seasons, this has been a rough winter. Twenty-nine campers came to the Children's Beach House recently for some winter fun to warm up the chilly temperatures with plans for the upcoming summer.

Camp Director John Sadler and his talented team of counselors gave campers the opportunity to develop their own set of rules for their stays at CBH. They were reminded of an important Children’s Beach House goal as they prepared to write their lists: Friendships, with Unique individuals, enjoying New experiences  in other words, making sure they had FUN!

Three teams of eight or nine campers rotated among three pairs of counselors, moving around the Children's Beach House as they brainstormed lists of rules for how they would behave with each other. These lists grew large, so campers voted for the rules they each believed were most important. The campers acted out different skits to demonstrate these examples to each other.

By the close of their weekend, these are the rules all of the campers agreed to for the year ahead: 1. Have fun! 2. Follow the Golden Rule. 3. Be respectul to everyone. 4. Be polite, nice, kind and happy. Don't be mean and don't judge. 5. Always use good manners and keep your hands to yourself. 6. Don't hide in the closet. 7. Don't stand too close to the fireplace. 8. No running.

The first weekend of camp of 2014 was an example of the Positive Youth Development Model at work.

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