Delaware Distilling Company consults heart docs

Cardiovascular Consultants help develop healthy menu options
At Cardiovascular Consultants of Southern Delaware, Office Manager Judy Callahan and Dr. Ken Sunnergren review the healthy hearts menu their office advised on for Delaware Distilling Company. SOURCE SUBMITTED
February 20, 2014

Delaware Distilling Company has created a healthy-hearts menu for the month of February, with the help of the heart experts at Cardiovasular Consultants of Southern Delaware.

The healthy hearts menu supplements the redesigned regular menu, offering meals that make good sense for heart health. To celebrate American Heart Month, the menu offers choices that are low in fats and calories and high in nutrients, featuring fruits, vegetables and whole grains, said Cardiovascular Consultants Manager William Martin.

For some time now, the Lewes cardiologists wanted to create a healthy-hearts menu and partner with a local restaurant, Martin said, to promote heart-healthy eating. They found their partner with Delaware Distilling Company in Midway.

"What DDC was able to do was not compromise taste and flavor," Martin said. "Something like blackened tuna has a lot of taste and lean protein."

With one in four deaths in the United States linked to cardiovascular disease, the American Heart Association advises a diet high in nutrient-dense foods and low in high-calorie, salty, nutrient-poor foods such as potato chips.

“The heart association establishes dietary guidelines,” he said. “The two best ways to fight cardiovascular disease are a healthy diet and lifestyle.”

The healthy-hearts menu at Delaware Distilling Company is largely based on meals with fish, chicken and assorted vegetables, but owner Zach King said they also offer red meat choices such as lean bison steaks sourced locally in Greenwood.

King said his favorite item on the new healthy-hearts menu is the mahi tacos, but he has tweaked the existing DDC menu for dietary restrictions as well, making it nearly 95 percent gluten-free.

So far, he said there’s been a good response to both menus.

“We are offering both menus at the same time. People are a little surprised, but they are definitely ordering the items,” King said. “I think as a general rule, people want to be healthy, so when they have an option to get something better for them, and they are already in a restaurant, they go for it.”

To promote the new heart-healthy menu, Cardiovascular Consultants has coupons for 20 percent off heart-healthy items at DDC available in February at the offices in Lewes and Millville.

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