Fun Fit Vibe applicable notes from Dr. Wisneski's presentation at TODAY's Beebe Health Fair, Rehoboth Convention Center...

- Private group -
February 8, 2014

Vigilance Wins - be an active participant in your own health!

The developed world's average life expectancy is 101 years old. No one thinks 50,60,70,80 or even 90 is old any more. Sussex County is full of 90 year olds that act like 50 year olds. To our credit. You also see 30 year olds who act like they are 90…"Behavior" dictates which you will be.

Illness is the absence of wellness. So do all you can to be well.

We all know "Our Greatest Wealth is Health" Ralph Waldo Emerson. What's in the bank doesn't matter if you feel weak.

Remain as active as possible before, during & after a Low Back Pain occurrence. 80% of population experiences LBP.

P5 Health Care=Patient Centered, Predictive, Participatory, Preventive, Pastoral

Coaching Works - get your own & stay accountable - stay strong.

This is exactly what we offer at Fun Fit Vibe "Offering Hope & Health through Strength & Nutrition".

Blood Flow=Circulation is KEY, every cell loves OXYGEN. Power Plate training at Fun Fit Vibe involuntarily improves circulation…just standing, sitting or lying on the machine stimulates greater circulation.

Smoking dries out your bones…stop smoking to stop back pain.

Stay within 10 pounds of your ideal weight - if a pound above your waist equals 4 pounds of pressure on your knees the same is true on your back. Stay lean.

Stay STRONG - "the more toned your muscles the more protected your back is".

My general observation is that health care professionals are really promoting the preventive care & "if it is to be it is up to me". It is totally unacceptable to "plop" down in a doctors chair & say "fix me".

No judging it is just fact - you are the boss of you & it is very easy to see if you are doing a good job. The health screening tells you if you need to change your behavior to get to great vital signs & to stay VIGILANT with your preventative care regimen to avoid vital sign degradation, weakness & eventual death.

YES doctors perform miracles every day with new technology & education but the FIRST miracle they perform is when they tell you to exercise & eat clean, to be lean.

So with all this new found knowledge the question is "will I do it"?

As for me & my house at FUN FIT VIBE - YES WE CAN & YES WE WILL…call us at 302-249-8000 & see for free, how we serve your health & wellness VIGILANCE needs.

Thanks for you support!!!