February 10, 2014



Since the beginning of February, we have been bombarded with heart health messages from the American Heart Association’s Go Red for Women campaign and the HEART TRUTH INITIATIVE of the Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, affiliated with the National Institutes of Health.  The message of these campaigns is misleading at best and rife with half-truths and untruths at worst.  Beyond warning that a sword of Damocles is hanging over every woman’s head and urging women to seek treatment for every twinge, little other than the well-known clichés is offered to inform women (and men) about what action they might take to end the scourge of heart disease. And there is action they can take!

Of course, stop smoking, lose weight, exercise, eat healthy meals—but what is a healthy meal?  This is where TRUTH takes a hit from the very organizations we have been conditioned to trust.  To follow their recommendations is to guarantee that heart disease will remain our #1 killer!  Meat, poultry, fish, eggs, dairy—all animal products have been proven to be the root cause of our epidemic of chronic diseases. How is it possible that these groups continue to spread this misinformation?  What is their agenda if it is not to improve the nation’s health?

These are some of the questions addressed by T. Colin Campbell, Ph.D., in his new book WHOLE. If you are interested in getting to the heart of the matter, start in the middle of the book and prepare yourself for an eye-opening look at the world of nutrition and health. In the words of Caldwell Esselstyn, M.D., author of Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease: “America’s premier nutritionist, T. Colin Campbell, with courage and conviction, articulates how the self-serving reductionist paradigm permeates science, medicine, media, big pharma, and philanthropic groups, blocking the public from the nutritional truth for optimal health.” Read this book and get the WHOLE TRUTH!


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