Salvaged expands and is set to reopen

Repurposed furniture store relaunches Saturday, Feb. 15
Salvaged furniture store owners Michelle Hepting, left, and Brynn Byerly have created another pallet-wall with repurposed shingles and letters they acquired from local sources. BY MOLLY MACMILLAN
February 17, 2014

Salvaged Recycled and Repurposed Furniture has expanded and after two months of renovations has now reopened.

Closed since December, Salvaged co-owner Brynn Byerly said the new store will have 2,000 square feet of additional retail space and will offer new vendors, an interior designer and more than twice as much workshop space to re-hab truckloads of antique and vintage furniture.

"It's good to re-purpose and re-use what you have because everything is so throw-away these days," she said. "We are trying to inspire people not to throw out their old furniture."

Already working with her husband, Richard Byerly, an electrician by trade, Byerly has also taken on business partner Michelle Hepting, who also paints and restores furniture.

The co-owners only met last summer, when Byerly opened Salvaged and Hepting had a booth nearby. The crafters said they shared similar style sensibilities and have since become business partners in the expanded space.

They plan to sell customized, painted furniture and offer their own revitalization services in addition to furniture painting workshops, which they plan to schedule soon after the re-launch.

The owners said while the store was closed, they attended a workshop in North Carolina to learn more technique, and the store will now stock specialized decorative chalk paints to inspire people to repurpose the furniture they already have.

After the launch, they said, Salvage will sponsored furniture-painting classes because the eco-friendly paint they use makes this craft so accessible.

"You don't have to sand, prime or remove old paint," Byerly said.

"The paint adheres to everything," Hepting continued, "fabric, metal, wood, concrete or plastic."

The store is now divided into areas of retail space and showroom dedicated to their new vendors, designer and style influences but the owners, vendors and artisans are doing double-time to have the store fully stocked and the showroom ready for the launch, which will feature door prizes, refreshments and possibly some discounts.

The store is at 17370 Coastal Highway, just south of the Nassau Bridge on southbound Route 1. For more information, call Salvaged 410-913-1568.