Wine Lovers Tune In Today! Master Sommelier Richard Betts Joins The Rude Awakening Show With Bulldog - OCEAN 98!

February 12, 2014


Master Sommelier Richard Betts’s Essential Scratch & Sniff Guide to Becoming a Wine Expert will help the romantics pick out the best wine for the woman / the man / the mood / the meal / the budget / the taste buds. This no-fear guide to the world of wine is the perfect book and conversation for Valentine’s Day, when people are venturing into fancier-than-usual restaurants, looking to celebrate with special bottles, etc.


As a master sommelier, Richard Betts is one of the world’s leading wine experts, but he believes that “wine is a grocery, not a luxury.” He seeks to knock wine off its snobby pedestal and make it fun for everyone. His irreverent New York Times-bestseller breaks down the complex aromas of red and white wine into their various components – red fruit vs. black fruit, French oak vs. American oak, and so on. A choose-your-own-adventure chart at the back leads readers to the perfect glass every time. Richard is the real deal; he was the wine director at Aspen’s Little Nell for many years, and he produces his own wines and mezcals.


In this pre-Valentine’s Day segment, Richard decodes restaurant wine lists, helps listeners talk to sommeliers, gives tips on pairing wine with “romantic” foods, and  talks about choosing impressive bottles on a budget, and much more.



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