How we view sexual integrity at New Covenant

February 23, 2014

Judging and condemning those who are different from us is nothing new, particularly when we believe that those different ones are somehow inferior, or weaker than we are, or a threat to our own convictions or lifestyle. This happens even in the animal kingdom, where the weaker ones can be systematically ostracized or eliminated for the good of the pack or heard. Animals are ruled strictly by instinct (I know, some pet lovers will disagree with me.)

But human beings are supposed to be different. Even though instinct is certainly an important component of our behavior, we all know that it is not - by far - the only one. We can be altruistic; we can be compassionate for the poor or those who are suffering. Some might go as far as giving an organ or even their own life for those they love.

Unfortunately, most Christian churches in America have viewed their role as one of a traffic cop, telling people where to go, what to do and not to do. Consequently, they ended up being painted as a bunch of bigots and homophobes, and rightly so I might add. At the other end of the spectrum, some churches have decided to abdicate their own rules in the name of tolerance. At New Covenant, our goal is to be the clinic where hurting people of all sorts can come and seek compassion and healing within the framework of the Bible.

God did give us free will. However, to be sure, the Bible tells us that there are temporal as well as eternal consequences for our choices. As Christians, we do view God has a God of love and mercy, while at the same time as a God of justice.

However, let’s not forget that Justice is of the Lord the Bible tells us. In other words, that’s His job, not mine. My main job as a Christian is, above all, to extend mercy and love to my neighbor. It’s interesting to remember that Jesus did not specify who that neighbor may be, whether he may be my own spouse, a political opponent, a criminal, a drug or sex addict, or all of the above.

Jesus’s neighbors were often pariahs of that society, prostitutes, tax abusers, philanderers and even a criminal dying on the cross next to him. He never compromised on his own holy standards, but, by the same token, he never insisted on a changed behavior before engaging them in a dialogue, or performing a miraculous healing of their pain. He did expect repentance, however, and a decision on their part to change their ways after being healed of their pain.

As we see it at New Covenant, our modern American society is increasingly immersed in sexual immorality. As a result, more and more men of all ages are suffering. What may have started as casual looks at “adult” magazines may have developed into a full-fledged addiction. What was a friendly relationship with a secretary may have developed into an affair. What seemed to be at first a lighthearted same-sex attraction to a good friend may have turned out into something which is destroying a marriage. In any case, the bottom line is that men can find themselves in situations which are tearing them apart, and yet from which they can find no way out. They feel trapped, enslaved, and end up hurting other people as well.

Here, at New Covenant, we have no intention of confronting people who are comfortable with the sexual choices they have made, whatever they may be.

But for those who are suffering of such choices, we want to let the word out that there is a church in this greater area willing to show them the way out of their misery.

To contact our Sexual Integrity Ministry:

Alan Bertaux
New Covenant (a PCA church)



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