Flexera launches Greenway Opportunity Financing Program

No money down, zero interest rate program expected to help homeowners
February 26, 2014

Flexera Inc., widely recognized as a leader in the alternative energy space specializing in solar power and LED lighting solutions, has announced the launch of the Flexera Greenway Opportunity Financing Program, a 12-month, no money down with zero interest program for homeowners looking to install a Flexera home solar system.

Homeowners who take advantage of this flexible financing method will enjoy immediate and continuous positive cash flow, while receiving the benefit of lower energy expenditures. The Flexera Greenway Opportunity Financing Program is currently based on a 12- or 15-year amortizing equipment loan, and is subject to eligibility and approval.

“Flexera has simply reengineered the financing opportunity for homeowners with the Greenway Opportunity Program,” said Flexera CEO Bob Light. “The economic benefits are triple-fold, as homeowners receive a better return on their investment, are able to maintain ownership of the system as opposed to leasing, and can significantly reduce their energy costs.”

Energy prices over the last decade have increased 250 to 400 percent, depending on the form of energy being consumed. The anticipated increases over the next decade would be an additional 400 to 600 percent. Many people have reported a cut to their energy bills between 50 and 90 percent by adding a Flexera solar system to their home or business.

“The economic benefits are clearly there on a bottom-line level, and the Greenway Opportunity Program is certain to remove barriers for those who have always wanted solar, but could not make it work,” added Light.

A critical benefit to owning a personal solar system for a home, as opposed to leasing as many installers offer, is the ability to simply transfer a system to a new homeowner in the event a sale is necessary. The ownership feature is best known to increase property values, while improving the return on investment for the solar customer.

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